Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Winter Skin Change Up

During Winter my skin type changes from oily/combination to normal.  In order to combat these changes, I make several alterations to my skin routine.

1. Cream Cleanser
I use a cream cleanser as I find it is more hydrating for the skin. I love Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera. It removes all traces of makeup as the product says and it cleanses my face well. 

2. Addition of oils
I add oils to my skin care routine both during the morning and at night. I apply this either before my moisturiser or mixed in. I am currently swapping between Swisse's Argan Face Oil and Swisse's Rose Hip Oil which I am liking at the moment. 

3. Hydrating face mask
In addition to my usual kaolin clay face masks to draw out the impurities, I add a hydrating face mask to the routine. I am using Ocean Essence Nourishing Cherry Face Mask. It does the job but I think I can find better. Any suggestions are welcome! The good thing about this face mask is that it goes on clear which means I have used this on flights and noone can tell. I love using a hydrating mask on flights since the air in the sky is extremely drying so a nourishing face mask can tend to this. 

4. Heavier body moisturiser 
I switch up from a regular body moisturiser to something heavier like a body butter. I have been using The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter

5. Regular exfoliation
Winter means drier skin especially on the body so I exfoliate twice a week. I use my DIY Winter Body Scrub posted here, which provides a great deal of nourishment due to the almond oil.  

6. Added bonus step
If you're not a stranger to my new blog, I love Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. I have documented my love for it here. This product is perfect for tending to those extra dry spots. 


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