Monday, 3 November 2014

New Blog...New Beginning!

Hi Everyone,

To say that this blog has been neglected is an understatement! To be honest, after my trip to Japan I was out of my blogging groove/routine and had some sort of blogger’s block.

I have decided to start a fresh new blog called “It’s That Time For…” (click here). This blog has been a long time coming and has been in the works for a few months now. The posts will be similar to Your Daily Break but will feature more outfit and lifestyle posts. It’s also a different sort of blog because it will have a “Men’s Corner”. This is something I feel is new and fresh to add to other blogs out there. My boyfriend will be posting regurlarly and it will cover men’s product reviews, outfits etc. To be honest, I’m pretty impressed! He designed our new logo and everything (which looks spiffy if I do say so myself) and is loving the whole process so far.  I should have got him on board sooner haha. We have been thoroughly enjoying this new blogging journey together and I hope you will join us over there!

I have uploaded an October Favourites (click here) and Outfit Post (click here) so far so please be sure to check it out. 

Have a great day!