Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Review: (Malin + Goetz) Lip Moisturizer

I possibly have some of the most sensitive lips ever. During the summer time they burn so easily even if I have put sunscreen lip balm on. This results in swollen and sore lips which then get dry and crusty, and then a few days later comes the flaking. Sorry for the painful and disgusting visual! In winter time they aren't as bad and this winter I thought I was travelling well.. no dry lips etc etc. until earlier this week when it hit. I'm not sure what sparked it which is annoying to say the least! That night, dry, swollen lips which I knew were going to worsen over the coming days. Refusing to succumb to the flakiness that was going to happen in the next 48 hours I vowed to find a lip balm/moisturiser which would stop this madness! After doing some research, I settled on 'Dr Lipp's Nipple Balm for Lips' which I read worked wonders on chapped lips, but a $28 price tag at Mecca Cosmetica? *gulp* I was going to have to part with that money over a single lip balm. It was okay though, I was prepared to try anything that would work. 

So off I went to Mecca the next day. When I arrived I asked the shop assistant what she would recommend and she recommended (Malin + Goetz) Lip Moisturiser. I hadn't heard of this brand at all to be honest and asked to be lead to Dr Lipp's. I took one whiff of Dr Lipp's Nipple Balm for Lips and absolutely could not handle the strong Lanolin smell. Maybe I could deal with it if it was elsewhere on my body but definitely not my lips where it was so near my nose. I went with the (Malin + Goetz) Lip Moisturiser that was originally recommended and I am so glad I did. It was $18 which is still pricey but much better than the $28 price tag I was originally planning on spending. It came in a Mojito scent and an unscented version but I stuck to the unscented version.

The product is clear and the consistency is thick and gel-like. It feels tacky to the touch but there is no stickiness once applied to the lips. I absolutely detest sticky glosses! My hair will always get stuck to my lips. It has a glossy finish and lasts for several hours on the lips if you aren't eating/drinking which is the longest I have come across for any balm/moisturiser. 

I applied this liberally and as needed to my lips and waited.. waited to see if those flaky lips would appear. It reached 'beauty staple' status when I my dry, chapped lips disappeared after a couple of days and the flakiness NEVER appeared. It was actually a miracle. 

I will not be without this product again! Now to see if it'll work in summer. Summer... you can come out now! No, really, you can come out. Your sunshine is extremely deceptive because I step outside thinking it'll be semi-warm and then you hit me with a cold chill!


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