Monday, 15 July 2013

The "Bought" Freebie

The "bought freebie" is the term that I give to the products that you receive for "free" in exchange for a number of finished products from the same brand. I recently made a stop off at Lush and MAC to receive my free products. It is definitely exciting when you trade in your "trash" for some new product! It's like going shopping but not spending any money (on the day that is...)

So my first stop off was at Lush. Their "bought freebie" system is that you receive a Fresh Face Mask of your choice for free when you bring back 5 clean full-size Lush pots or tubes. I've traded empty pots on two other occasions and it's always so satisfying to get that new fresh face mask! I see this as an opportunity to try the masks out that I might not be willing to spend my own money on. The best thing about this system is that after you trade in 5 and receive your face mask, you can then use this pot to count towards your next 5. So really you are only paying for 4 the next time around. I wanted to choose a mask that I had not tried before and so I went for The Sacred Truth. It left my skin soft and supple after washing it off and I found my skin was pumped up in the hydration department after using this. Definitely a win during the winter time. My friend did try this product as well though and some break-outs did surface as a result. So just be weary if you have sensitive skin that can be prone to break-outs. 

My next stop off was MAC. I traded in my 6 empty products for one of the 20 lipsticks that you can choose from for the 'Back to MAC' program. I chose Vegas Volt which is a creamy bright orange-coral. It has been a staple ever since I bought it. 

What other 'bought freebies' have you received?


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