Friday, 30 August 2013

Polish of the Week: Essie in Sand Tropez

I must be in some sort of minimalistic mood lately. I have been gravitating towards minimal makeup (see my minimal makeup basket post here) and now I have been leaning towards a neutral nail when I usually love colour. The great thing about a neutral nail is that it matches with absolutely anything and is perfect for the workforce. Admittedly, I wear some questionable colours for where I work (aqua blue nails in a private practice? possibly not the most appropriate!) but they're just so pretty and it's silly to let them sit in my (unattractive) plastic container nail polish storage. 

The nail polish in question this week is Essie Sand Tropez, which can be described as a light grey-beige. As with most neutral coloured nail polish, it takes a few coats to get an opaque colour. The first coat is quite transparent and streaky, the second coat is less streaky and more opaque, but in order to get an opaque application three coats are needed, which is how many I applied in the images above. I personally love having a neutral nail and love how this one doesn't have a pink undertone. When I think neutral nail, I think of a true beige or a nail polish with a pink undertone. The fact that this is a very light grey is what I think sets it apart from your 'typical neutral'. 


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