Monday, 5 August 2013

July Favourites 2013

First, let's start off with the things which I have been using to target the blemishes I had in the month of July. For some reason, I had more than usual. So in comes another product reappearance from last month's favourites! I find that Origins Super Spot Remover reduces the inflammation and redness and overall, I feel that it gets rid of the blemish faster than if I didn't use it. This little bottle is my second one and therefore, a true sign I love the product. It's my go-to spot remover and you can pick it up from Kit Cosmetics for $19.00  It's a gel formula and can sting on application, but I see that as a sign that it's working. Does anyone else think that as well?? In a recent haul post (see here) I mentioned that I picked up Indeed Labs Hydraluron. This product is amazing and definitely deserves the rave reviews it has gotten. I find that it has improved the texture, softness and overall appearance of my skin, even after a few weeks of use. Gotta love a product that delivers on it's word right? Plus, it's in Caroline Hiron's Hall of Fame and you can't argue with her! 

In order to cover up my blemishes I have been using Inglot Cream Concealer. This has been a staple in my makeup collection for around 5 years! This stuff doesn't budge especially when you set it with powder, making it perfect  for those pesky blemishes. I mix 2 shades to get the perfect colour for my skin tone. I would not recommend this for under the eyes though as it's too thick. Another make-up product I have been loving is my Make Up For Ever HD Blush in #7. This product has made numerous appearances on my blog. It's the perfect natural flush colour for my cheeks. The product dries quickly, so make sure you blend it in fast! 

My favourite haircare product of the month has to be my newly purchased Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. Wash your hair, apply this from the mid-lengths to ends of your hair, let it soak in for around 7 minutes to let it do it's magic, and then rinse! Your hair will feel much softer, and look shinier after one use. Instant gratification! Who doesn't love that?! If you're not a fan of the scent, stay away as it will stay there until you wash your hair. It's slightly fruity and reminds me of Garnier Fructis' hair products. I don't know whether that is a good or bad thing (I still haven't decided whether I love the scent), but the product itself I'd highly recommend.

I received a candle from Palm Beach Collection in Pear & Cinnamon as a gift this month. It smells heavenly! To be honest, I had never heard of this brand of candle before but am definitely interested in what other scents this brand has to offer now. Made in Australia using soy wax, this is a two wick candle with a scent that fills up my entire apartment and lingers even after you blow it out. This particular scent is perfect for winter, providing a sense of warmth and comfort with the right balance of sweet and spicy-ness. I would recommend these candles if this one is anything to go by!

What's your favourite product from the month of July?

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