Sunday, 30 June 2013

Trash Diving: Skincare

Kosmea Rosehip Oil

I love rosehip oil. I use it every night during my skin care routine. I won't write too much about rosehip oil right now since I plan to do a whole spiel about it later. I enjoyed this rosehip oil. There was no scent but it was an orangey-yellow colour. It would tint my face slightly orange depending on the amount I used, but the colour would disappear once absorbed. I would say be careful if you're on the fairer side because I don't know whether this colour would have a bigger effect on you. I'm currently using the Swisse Rosehip Oil which I am enjoying and is clear. 

Would I repurchase? Yes, there are so many other rosehip brands that I would to try before buying this one again. 

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel

I received this sample in one of those sample boxes. It was a decent size and provided me with a few applications. I did enjoy using it and it had a lovely lavender smell. I would apply this after my toner and before my moisturiser. It left a sticky residue feeing on my skin afterwards but this disappeared after I applied my moisturiser. 

Would I repurchase? No, not at the moment. Although I did like it I did not see enough results to justify $72 for 30ml. It is possible that I didn't use it long enough because it's hard with serums to see results after just a few applications. I may consider this a few years down the track as I feel like this is geared more towards 'older' individuals.

The Allegra Rhodes Hand Cream and U Skin Solutions Clean and Go Exfoliating Gel Cleanser were both samples in a sample box. The hand cream was heavily fragranced and did not smell like lychee in my opinion. The fragrance was so strong that it would linger till you washed your hands. Great if you love fragrance, bad if you're sensitive to scents! The cleanser smelt like peppermint and had small exfoliating beads. I felt that it did cleanse myself well however, there are better cleansers out there more suited to what I look for in a cleanser. 

Would I repurchase? No, I wouldn't repurchase either of them. The hand cream scent was too strong for my liking and I feel that there are better cleansers out there. 

Natural Being Skincare Range: 
Manuka Honey Day Cream for Oily to Normal Skin
Manuka Honey Night Cream for Oily to Normal Skin
Manuka Honey Eye Cream for All Skin Types

I'm throwing these Natural Being skincare products not because they're bad or finished but because they have expired! I bought these on a whim at my local Priceline several months ago. The moisturisers were on clearance for $3 a piece and the eye cream was on clearance for $2. I'm guessing they were on clearance because their expiration date was coming up in 3 months. After a quick googling on my phone (what did we used to do being smart phones?!) I discovered the moisturisers usually retailed for US$20 and US$16 for their eye cream. For a total of $8 for all 3 products it was a total bargain and perfect to give this brand a try... even if it was only for $3 months. Plus, they contained manuka honey which is meant to be amazing for the skin. 

The moisturisers were good not amazing and something to shout from the rooftops, but good. They moisturised my skin well and was easily absorbed. I did enjoy the eye cream and probably more so than the moisturisers. I found that it gave me the perfect amount of hydration under my eyes and could be worn under my under-eye makeup. 

Would I repurchase? Probably not. I feel that there are products out there that do more for my skin than these. I would recommend these products if you enjoy natural products. They are a brand that is certified by the BDIH, cruelty-free, halal approved and use recyclable packaging. Definitely a thumbs up in the environment category!

Vaseline Body Lotion in Aloe Vera

I finished this humungous bottle of aloe vera lotion. It kept my body moisturised very well in the summer, but now that it's winter here my skin is on the drier side making it not as effective. The smell is nice and refreshing but disappears an hour or two after application.

Would I repurchase? Yes, but not for awhile. This took me such a long time to get through that I'm slightly sick of the smell. Aloe Vera lotion we need to take a break... but I'll come back for you in the summer. 

What have you finished lately?

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