Sunday, 23 June 2013

Topshop Cream Blushes

Topshop Cream Blushes are a new addition to my makeup collection. I first purchased 'Flushed' which is the one in the pan pictured above and wrote about it in a shopping haul post I did. I was definitely impressed with it after several uses that when I paid Topshop about a week or two later I did a sneaky purchase and bought 'Acting Up' which is in the stick form PLUS it was on sale for only $9 (usually $20). 

'Flushed' is a bright almost neon pink that looks scary in the pan but once applied and blended in, it leaves a lovely pink glow flush to the cheeks. 'Acting Up' on the other hand is a straight up bright orange which I also love. Both forms of blushes have great pigmentation that also allow you to build the colour intensity on your cheeks to whatever your heart desires.

The lasting power of both these blushes is amazing. I find that they last for a good 5 hours on my cheeks if I don't set it with a powder blush, and if I do.. well those suckers will be there until I whip out my Bioderma and take off my makeup for the day!

Both blush forms are easy to use; however, if I had to choose one for 'ease of use' I'd choose the stick form. All it takes for me to apply this blush in the morning is to swipe the product once directly on each cheek then blend in with either my brush or fingers (both will work wonderfully). With the blush in the pan form I usually take my clean fingers dip it in the product and then blend it in with either my fingers or brush. I don't know why but I also feel like the stick form is more sanitary and is definitely less messy in the morning.

In terms of colour, I have been loving 'Flushed' and have been sporting this on my cheeks most days of the week. However, during winter I usually lean towards the pink blushes anyway and during the summer I lean towards the coral/orangey blushes so I can definitely see my colour favourite change once the weather heats up!

My favourite brush to use to blend in these blushes has been the Real Techniques 'Contour Brush'. I purchase all my Real Techniques blushes from iHerb because they simply have the best deals on these brushes for all of you Australians out there. I used a coupon code to get $10.00 off my first purchase. If you were thinking of purchasing from iHerb and would like a coupon code. My code is MST826 which will give you $5 off your order for orders less than $40.00 and $10 off your order for orders of $40.00 or more. The only downfall with this site is that shipping isn't free, BUT it is very reasonable.

All in all I love these blushes. I much prefer the packaging of 'Acting Up' but right now the colour of 'Flushed' is more up my alley. I did spy a pink blush in the stick form at the store that wasn't on sale.. but am now considering even though I shouldn't buy anymore! *step away Topshop...step away from Topshop*


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