Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Product Disappointment: Priceline Cotton Pads

Now who would've thought cotton pads could be disappointing? Not me! Until I bought Priceline's round cotton pads. I know what you may be thinking.. a cotton pad is a cotton pad, which is EXACTLY what I would have thought before these. The Priceline cotton pads tend to "ball" up when you use them and leave cotton all over your face. Not a pretty look if you ask me and definitely a no-go if you are in a rush! It doesn't matter if you are taking off make-up or using toner, "cotton-face" is inevitable. I've tried using less pressure but alas, this did not work. I've tried Swisspers, Target and K-Mart cotton pads before and have never experienced this problem. So I would recommend purchasing those instead. 

I will use these up since I did buy them; however, will I purchase these again. Na-da! 

Hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!



  1. Hahaha must remember to never buy these EVER.