Friday, 20 September 2013

Review: Daiso Cream Eyeshadow

I bought this Daiso Cream Eyeshadow about a month ago. I didn't really have an opinion when I bought it but was secretly hoping it would be like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. If you haven't been to Daiso before firstly, what are you doing?! get your butt there! and secondly, everything is $2.80 (it varies country to country and of course Australia is the most expensive... naturally). You can find some amazing things there. They sell everything from organisational items, food, beauty (masks, body wash, cleansers etc.) and yup, everything is $2.80! 

Back to the eyeshadow, at $2.80 I thought this could be an amazing deal. The colour I picked up looked like a rose gold shade in the packaging; however, when swatched and applied on the eyes it has a duo chrome effect. In one light it appeared to be a light pink and in the other, a slightly orange-brown. There is obvious shimmer in this product and not the refined "oh, it gives a nice sheen" shimmer (like Maybelline Bad to the Bronze). It's a hey I got small glitter bits on my eyeballs. Pigmentation is average and I feel that it's only redeeming factor is the lasting power. Oh man, this stuff will.not.budge. It took some serious scrubbing to remove it off of my hand and some strong waterproof eye makeup remover on my eyes. 


I think the most disappointing thing about this product was how quickly it dried out. I swatched it once when I first bought it and when I came back to it 2-3 weeks later, the photo above left shows what happened. That's right, a massive chunk of it came out when I tried to swatch/use it again. The texture was so, so dry. Needless to say, this is in the bin and a product I would not recommend. Reading this back this is such a negative post.. I feel like a negative Nancy haha. Is it possible that I got a dud one, or have other people had similar experiences?


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