Friday, 27 September 2013

Polish of the Week: Kester Black Peach Melba

I was over at my friend's house and being the nosey parker that I am, a teensy tiny raid of her beauty stash happened. She's not as into make-up; however, loves skincare and nail polish. The evening turned out to be a small pamper session with three of my really good friends. It included the Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser (oh my! That stuff is luxurious!), lashings of oils (Argan Oil in my case), and redoing my nails. She had quite a few nail polish brands but the one that intrigued me the most was Kester Black

Kester Black is an Australian brand of nail polish founded by Anna Roos. It's not just any brand though, it is a cruelty free, carcinogen free and vegan brand. They "use sustainable production methods including the use of recyclable materials and small batch manufacturing to minimise wastage". Not only are they environmentally friendly and use carcinogen free materials, but their nail polish is absolutely amazing. I'm talking like.. I want to go out and purchase multiple bottles of the stuff amazing. 

The colour pictured above is Kester Black Peach Melba (with a some OPI glitter nail polish on my fourth finger). That photo above is one coat! I was so pleasantly surprised when I applied it. It was easy to apply and opaque in one coat (even though it's a lighter colour). It lasted for longer than usual on my nails but I'm not sure whether it was the polish, the top coat I used (Butter London) or a combination of both. 

I highly recommended this nail polish brand. It's $17 for a bottle which is not the cheapest nail polish you can get, but considering Essie is $18.95 and OPI is $19.95 here it's not too bad!

Have you tried Kester Black before?


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