Friday, 13 September 2013

Nitrogen Gelato: N2 Extreme Gelato in Fitzroy

So this happened last weekend...

This is arguably Melbourne's latest gelato craze. I actually first heard about it from my friend who had already visited in joint twice in 2 weeks which made out visit that night her third time in 3 weeks! You know how Heston Blumenthal loves that liquid nitrogen? Well, this is gelato made exactly with the stuff (N2, get it? Nitrogen! Ahh who remembers chemistry days and that periodic table?). It opened in Sydney first and is now in Melbourne.

It's located in Fitzroy and is open from 1pm-11pm every night. It gets super busy and the night I went, the line was out the door. Talk about crazy! Seating is also difficult to find since it gets so busy but we managed to find a spot. On a summer night this won't be such a problem though since I feel that everyone can just roam the streets instead. 

They have a whole stack of unique flavours such as Pandan, Buttered Popcorn, Earl Grey with Dulce de Leche, Strawberry & Pepper, but offer around seven of their entire range each night. My friends and I were super adventurous and had one scoop of Cookies and Cream and one scoop of Black Lava Salted Caramel between the 3 of us. The serving size is huge and one scoop is really one cup which they pack the cup to the brim, so 3 people with 2 'scoops' was plenty. One scoop is $6 and they don't offer 2 scoops. The board actually reads - 2 scoops: you don't need it. They're not lying! I definitely preferred the Salted Caramel over Cookies and Cream, but I'm partial to anything salted caramel so it's a biased opinion. 

From my visit, it seemed that each staff member had their own flavour to make. It's great because you know they're keeping an eye on your gelato at all times, but the downside is that your order comes out scattered. This doesn't actually bother me at all though. They add liquid nitrogen right before your eyes and you pretty much get to watch your gelato being made. It's kinda like watching a Heston Blumenthal show... minus the Heston. 

It was definitely a fun experience and I would go back. I think I'd try a more adventurous flavour next time! I would recommend going on a week night to avoid crazy queues. Below is a photo of your one scoop serving size. This image is actually taken from their website (here) because silly me forgot to take one! I took a photo of it being made (picture above), but not the final product *oops*

Have you been to N2 Extreme Gelato? 


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