Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Quick and Easy DIY Earring Holder

I made this DIY earring holder a while ago. It's a great DIY and could cost you less than $5.00, depending on the frame you buy! I picked mine up from Ikea for $2.99 and is an A4 size. So you know those tights which sit in your drawer with runs through them? It's time to put them to good use, so whip those out again!


Photo Frame
+ a lint roller (not pictured)
...that's it! 


Step 1
Remove the glass or in this case, the plastic from the frame.
Take one leg from your tights and cut a line straight across the thigh area (make sure you're left with a length that is long enough to fit the frame, plus 20cm each side.  

Step 2
Slide the tights over the glass/plastic.


Step 3
Make sure you have an even amount of overhang on each side of the frame.

Step 4
Secure the tights in place with a simple double knot. 


Step 5
Lint roller your tights to get rid of all those 'fuzzies', as I like to call them.

Step 6
Place it back into your frame and close it up!

Step 7
Flip it over and voila! It's a simple DIY earring holder which took you no time at all. 

Step 8 
Get decorating! Poke your earrings into the 'netting'. You can also hang your necklaces over the frame too. 

Step 9
Find your DIY Earring frame a home. Mine is kept on my 'jewellery dressing table'. 

Let me know if you guys try it! 
I have another DIY coming up soon, so keep an eye out! :) 


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