Thursday, 12 December 2013

Your Daily Coffee Break: Stovetop

Living in Melbourne means that we are spoilt for choice for amazing coffee. It's great for a coffee fanatic like me, but also means it's hard for a cafes that specialise in coffee to really break through the tough market. They have to do something different! This is what drew me to Stovetop in Carlton as I hadn't heard of anything like it before! 

Stovetop do your typical espresso machine coffee that we find all over Melbourne; however, their speciality is stovetop coffee. You choose your blend (stovetop blend or a guest blend), the size (2 cups or 4 cups) and then whether you would like steamed milk on the side. It's served with an espresso cup and your coffee which you pour yourself. I love it because you can control how strong you want the coffee to be with the milk to coffee ratio. 

The coffee was amazing and the service staff on the day were so friendly. I would definitely go back!

Have you been to Stovetop or tried anywhere similar?


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