Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November Favourites 2013!

November favourites time! I can't believe the year is almost over. It also means that my overseas trip is coming up in 2-3 weeks. Absolutely cannot contain my excitement! I don't have many favourites this month because I've been sticking to my stock standard products. I've picked out 5 products that I've been using consistently this past month.

My first favourite has to be the 4me Nail Polish Remover Pads. I have been loving the 4me nail polish remover pads for on the go. You know when you realize you have a massive chip, or when you wake up in the morning and you realize you smooshed your nail polish in your sleep and don’t have time to take it off in the morning> We’ve all been there! This product is perfect for that. I carry them around in my handbag and have needed these regularly this month.

 I have never heard about this brand but received these in my Bellabox last year when I was subscribed to them. They’re round remover pads that have been soaked in nail polish remover and conditioner and are the size of a normal cotton pad. It is strange when you use them because they don’t feel like you’re using nail polish remover. The product feels slightly greasy (which is a result of the conditioner in the product I think) and almost dry to the touch. They are definitely effective though. I generally find that I need 2 remover pads to take off all the nail polish from my nails. The only problem is that I dislike the smell and if I leave the product on my nails I feel like they dry them out despite the conditioner, so I wash it off straight away.

They’re super inexpensive as well with a price tag of $3.50. I’ll definitely be taking these overseas as well. These are much more convenient than a bottle of nail polish remover. 

A hair product I've been using majority of this month is the David Babaii Instant Miracle Hair Volume Powder. My hair is quite thick and heavy and so I always feel like my hair is too 'bottom heavy' with no volume. The texture of this is like a baby powder, but lighter and when rubbed together it turns into a tacky texture that really helps volumise the hair. I find that the volume that I get when I use this product falls down after a while, but a quick ‘zoosh’ to the hair brings all the volume back.

In terms of makeup I have been loving my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light and Topshop's Cream Blush in Flush. I won't talk too much about the Hourglass powder since it's been raved about enough, but let's just say the raves are true. It can set my makeup, gives my face a glow and reduces redness. I have not put this down since I bought it. I have also been loving Topshop's blush in Flush. I generally don't like putting my fingers in products because I feel it's unsanitary but this product is so easy to apply and blend that I just don't mind. I find Topshop's blushes in the pan a lot easier to blend in comparison to their stick blushes so I've been using this one over my cream blush sticks. It's the perfect pink shade to add life back into my face in the morning. 

Last but not least is my Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina perfume but in the roller ball form. I spoke about this scent in my last favourites post but it's back again not because of the scent (which I still love) but because of the convenience of this roller ball. It's been perfect to pop into my handbag and touch up when needed or when you're in a rush and forget to put it on. I've never had a roller ball perfume before. If I've had a miniature size it's been the little bottles with the cap you pull off and then apply. The bottles are tiny and cute but the application can get messy. Perfume on your finger, running down the wrist etc... or is that just me? Anyway, roller ball perfumes are so convenient and amazing! It's like a whole new perfume world for me now... 

What were your favourites in November?


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