Saturday, 23 November 2013

Summer Wedding Outfit!

It was my friend’s wedding this past weekend in Adelaide. The weather was amazing and perfect for a wedding. For my outfit I was absolutely determined to wear my Marcs skirt that I recently posted about. Sometimes I think it’s worse when you have one single item of clothing that you want to wear, because then it becomes all about finding the clothes that match it perfectly. Being a bright yellow tweed-like skirt it was a nightmare trying to find something that matched it well. The night before we left for Adelaide I ransacked my whole wardrobe trying to find the right top. In the end, I layered the skirt over a dress I had. I brought several options for the reception but in the end I whipped off my skirt and voila I had a dress perfect for the evening. I love it when you can make your items in your closet so versatile. My friend at the wedding even thought I had done a complete outfit change!

For the ceremony I stuck with the lighter and brighter outfit colours with a cream jacket and heels. For the reception I switched out my cream jacket and shoes for a black jacket and pumps. Pairing your outfit with black items always makes the outfit more evening appropriate. 

Dress (worn as a top): From a local boutique
Skirt: Marcs
Jacket: Pilgrim
Belt: Dotti
Shoes: Old beige peep toes
Earrings: Sportsgirl
Clutch: My mum’s from when she was in her 20’s!

Dress: Same as during the day
Jacket: Pilgrim
Shoes: Zu
Earrings: Same as during the day
Clutch: Same as during the day


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